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A simple idea

Too often, brands create pop up and one-off digital experiences only to see them die after a few weeks. Consumers come and go, look at the screens or installations, play for a bit with them and move on to the next thing that catches their attention. Too many costs and complexities for too little ROI.
But here’s the thing. We are not trying to catch their attention. It’s already overcaught. In a world of consumers that have already seen everything, we invite you to be memorable.
That’s easier said than done. Although we have science on our side. And science has taught us that the way to memorability is emotion. In other words, to get consumers to store them in their long-term memory, brands first have to thrill them. And immersive brand experiences that fuse the physical and the digital worlds into one breathtaking phygital environment are just the way to do it.
There’s a problem, though (there always is). Phygital is not easy. Or, rather, it wasn’t. But that’s the reason why Broox was born. To put this technology in anyone’s hands and see what amazing things they’re capable of. To understand better customers, what they want and provide it. To open new streams of revenue for our clients, be it spatial designers, creative agencies, retailers or integrators. To innovate, narrate, thrill and, ultimately, become memorable.
And one last thing: to make it simple.

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