Xmas: mixed reality photobooth

Experience with Santa

Capture leads and get analytics

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The Broox Solution

Thousands of children are waiting to deliver their letters to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men as they do every year in their local shopping malls. But for the last couple of years we were affected by the Covid-19 by not allowing physical contact between children and figurants.  

Broox proposed an interactive installation that combines augmented reality, motion detection and QR technology so that families can deliver their letters while complying with all security measures. 

This system also allows us to collect user data for marketing activations. 


COVID FREE : No contact thanks to augmented reality, presence detection and QR technology.

AUTONOMY : Autonomous installation without staff assistance.

CUSTOMIZATION : Personalized Santa Claus or King Magician, brand logos, corporate colors and fonts.

INTEGRATION : Forms with Mailchimp and other email blast platforms and social networks integration.

DATA: Audience analysis, interactions and visitor profiles. 

VALUE: Experience that brings fun and entertainment to visitors and generates innovative content for the center. 

Installation Schema

The installation runs with an Intel® NUC with and Intel® Movidius Neural Compute Stick 2 to drive all the processing in the edge. The video capturing is done by an Intel® RealSense.

The Broox Audience Analytics Suite runs under the hood to get insights of the campaign performance.

How it works?


When the users approaches the screen the installation gets started with a Santa animation


Optionally the installation can be triggered when the user drops a letter in the sensorized mailbox


A countdown allows the user to position in the picture with Santa.


Once the photo has been taken the user has to scan a QR code to fill a form and get his/her image with santa and messages encouraging to share it to social networks.

Press & Media


Data from a single installation on a medium size commercial mall during the 2020 Christmas campaign.

XMas has been installed and deployed in more than 20 shopping malls througout Spain during the last two Christmas campaigns.


+50% impact

Vs previous campaign.


35K interactions

With the campaign. Interaction means at least playing with the installation.


25K audience profiles

Created automatically by the users’ presence or dropping a letter in the mailbox.


> 5K emails captured

Autonomously with the dynamic QR generation based on Broox Phyigital Tags.

How it was?

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