Audience Analytics
Digital Signage Analytics and Interactivity

Make digital signage smarter
with actionable audience measurements

The Broox Audience Measurement solution allows you to measure audience profiles and interactions and evaluate KPIs as never seen before.

When Broox Audience Measurement seamless connects to a camera and to your CMS you start collecting previously inaccessible customer data, very easy to read and understand, and automatically integrated with your online marketing stack.

Know the real performance of your signage content and the displays placements like if you where on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Guaranteed!

Access valuable KPIs to improve your campaigns performance and get a true customer journey.

Get actionable insights, with custom dashboards and check them whenever you want on your phone or desktop control panel. Want a report in your inbox? Schedule periodic custom reports and get them promptly on your email inbox.

Display real-time personalized content based on audience profiles and interactions.

Engage your customers with attractive and memorable interactive content that reacts to gestural interactions.

Broox is technology agnostic: it integrates seamlessly with any digital signage and analytics software in the market.

Broox is committed with privacy: we are GDPR and CCPA compliant by design.

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A complete framework that allows brands to gain a deeper understanding of their current and potential audiences, to improve their marketing strategy, customer experience, and brand perception through digital signage systems.

How does Broox Audience Measurement work?

On one side there are the Broox Detector Instances: the black boxes that make all the

magic with data capturing and processing.

On the other side there is the Broox Studio: the place where all the data acquired and processed by the detectors is beautifully and conveniently shown to you.

You can get Broox Analytics in 2 different flavors depending on your feature requirements: The Campaign Analytics Pack and The Interactive Content Pack.

Broox - Audience Analytics Diagram
Broox Studio

Broox Studio software runs in the cloud and manages all remote Broox Detector Instances (placed where you want to get data from). It comes with built in dashboards and charts and operations workflow such as licensing and network monitoring.

Broox Studio is the software that processes and manages the data acquired by the Broox Detector Instances. All the data can be displayed in a convenient and easy-to-understand dashboard. The KPIs reports can also be shared or sent to inboxes with automatic scheduling or triggered notifications. End-to-end encrypted and GDPR compliant.

  • Traffic: Passer-by and Actual watchers
  • Duration: Dwell time and Attention time
  • Demographics: Age, Gender, Mood and Race
  • Funnels
  • Conversions/Goals
  • Cohorts
  • Percentiles
  • Mix and filters/operations


Access all the data of each instance and analyze it by instance or perfectly mixed and processed for a global or partial performance analysis. Manage the network of instances remotely with monitoring, permissions management and taxonomy organization.


Customize the design of the dashboards at your convenience, with the metrics you want to highlight, with any timeframe and data comparison options.


Schedule periodic emails to get the most important KPIs in your inbox or your stakeholders’. Get notifications triggered by achieving a goal in your analytics.
Broox Detector Instances

Broox works with Intel to deliver the most precise and trustworthy audience measurements. Get insights powered by innovative computer vision and AI specifically designed for digital signage by Broox.
Working with Intel, the market leaders in computer vision and AI, allows us to optimize the CPU needs, requiring less CPU power than any other player in the market.
Broox Detector Instance is a plug and play computer vision software that transforms video from any standard camera into high quality audience data and meta-data, working on any OS (Windows, Mac OS and Linux) and with any digital signage player.
All the data is GDPR and CCPA compliant and anonymized by design.

Broox Campaign Analytics Pack

Understand your audience by using precise metrics to analyze your KPIs right on Broox Studio platform personalized dashboards, on your email inbox with custom scheduled reports or on your current marketing stack with Broox integration with 3rd party solutions (such as Google Analytics).
Broox - Studio Dashboard


  • Access all the metrics and KPIs allowed by Broox Detector Instances (Traffic, watchers, Dwell time…).
  • Real-time API’s connection with any Digital Signage CMS or AV software to link campaigns metadata with the current analytics.
  • Integrate with 3rd party analytics tools (Google Analytics and more…) to get and Omnichannel view (online integrated with offline) of your business.
  • Custom detections on demand.
  • Audience targeting without privacy invasion.

Broox Interactive Content Pack

Add interactivity to your content: get all the benefits of the Broox Campaign Analytics Pack with a layer of interactivity on top of it.

Engage your audience into more personalized and fun experiences: deliver real-time content based on demographics (age, gender…) and behaviours (like rising a hand or smiling).

Get insights from the interactivity reactions: measure the behaviour and emotions. Your perfect digital signage marketing solution, at last.


With the Broox Interactive Content Pack we add:

  • New metrics: gestures and behaviour recognition, emotions and 3D face coordinates.
  • Gesture based interaction.
  • Behaviour based interaction.
  • Demographic metrics based interaction.
  • Number of people based interaction.
  • Interactions triggered by a mix of any of the above possibilities.
  • Audience targeting without privacy invasion.
Broox - Personalized-in-store-campaigns


Each of your stores has 3 points where you want to get insights from:

  1. Store entrance where the storefront reacts to audiences and behaviour with playful content to get more attention: there you need an instance of Interactive Content Pack.
  2. Two in-store displays where you want to analyze the signage campaign performance and audiences independently: you need 2 instances of Campaign Analytics Pack, one for each display.


Total per store: 2 instances of Campaign Analytics Pack + 1 instance of Interactive Content Pack

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