Broox helps you give shape to never-seen-before brand activations.

Our platform transforms any brand space into an interactive,
smart and memorable experience.

Create memorability for your brands by providing immersive experiences at brand activations

Generate jaw-dropping activations by adding the Broox platform technology to them.
  • Interactive floors and videowalls
  • Object recognition touch-tables
  • Vision and AR applications
  • Interactive lights and mappings

An out of the box interactive technology

We make flawless and seamless installations so you can focus on content and forget about tech.
  • Convert any existing support and space into an interactive experience.
  • Reduce time and costs by 50%.
  • Get stable and scalable interactive installations.

We will help your team integrate Broox into any space you require.
If you don’t have a team, don't worry, you already found one.

Keep your interactive installations always updated with our cloud campaign management tool

Just sit back and push a button to update your experiential campaigns with new interactive content.
  • Adapt any pre-made content
  • Target campaigns by audiences
  • Manage campaigns by locations.

Monitor how your activations perform

Detect unique insights from your activation campaigns. Provide real ROI at every activation, such as:

  • Brand activation interactions
  • Impacted people demographics by age and gender
  • Product interaction growth

This is not about science, it’s about imagination.
So let's leave behind the techni

From pre-made solutions to new custom ones just for you.
From brand events to pop-up activations. We work with
every environment and setup.

Interactive storyteling walls

Learn how you can transform any wall into an immersive device that tells a story that will thrill whoever is in front of it.

Interactive signage and lights

Allow any bypasser to become a participant by
directly targetting them tailor-made immersive

Immersive interactive spaces

Unlock the full potential of any space and transform it into an experiential place through creativity and technology