Interactive Displays


Drive traffic to your store by making your storefront interactive.

The customers can interact 24/7 with your digital interactive campaigns such as Advergames, product catalogs connected to an e-commerce or complex audiovisual interactive systems to create truly memorable experiences.

The Interactive Window Display can be combined with the Phygital Tag module to directly get product information on the phone and with the Analytics module to get precise audience insights and data.

Interactive Displays


· Attract traffic to your storefront with memorable experiences.

· Analyze the performance of your storefront with actual metrics.

· Connect your storefront with digital campaigns 24/7.

· Connect your storefront with your e-commerce.


· Manage campaigns content and setup with a cloud platform.

· Integrate any reactive technology that interacts with mobile phones: NFC, QR and Beacons.

· Manage the technical infrastructure remotely with a cloud platform.

· Connect offline data with your current online analytics tools.

Interactive Displays Applications

Interactive Displays Applications

Dynamic Signage

Forget about scheduled static content, with the Broox platform you can display in-store tailored digital signage campaigns segmented by audience demographics (gender, age, mood…) and connect to online channels through dynamic QR codes. All while you get audience analytics data like traffic, opportunity to see, dwell-time, and demographics.

Easily manage and schedule your reactive campaigns for your digital signage screens from our Broox Studio CMS platform.

The Broox Studio allows you to easily display dynamic multimedia content (video, images…) associated with camera-based detection trigger as age, gender, accessories, and other audience detections.

The Dynamic Signage application can be combined with the Phygital Tags module to directly get product information on the phone.

Interactive Displays Applications

Augmented Reality 3D Experiences

Our Augmented Reality application for interactive displays, videowalls and storefront displays triggers content based on people recognition. It features depth detection thanks to our powerful AI engine for a more realistic scenarios.

The application creates a memorable experience that attracts people attention, generates traffic and increases passers-by to entrance conversion exponentially.

The application accepts any 3D rigged objects and animations.


Interactive Displays Applications

Interactive MUPI

Transform any digital MUPI or screen monitor to an interactive digital experience to create interactive marketing campaigns using mixed and augmented reality with photo booths, advergames, and other multimedia formats.

The Interactive MUPI can be combined with the Analytics module to get precise audience insights and data.

Multiple customizable content templates are available for fast and cost-affordable deployments, completely custom templates are available on demand.

Interactive Displays Applications

Photo Booth with AR

Our Photo Booth application triggers content based on people recognition and it automatically takes a mixed reality picture and generates a QR code to download it.

The application accepts real world positioning of 3D rigged objects and animations in most standard formats and also accepts 2D video with transparency footage to feature virtual celebrities, influencers, sports teams, Santa Claus…

As an optional add-on, it can detect faces and create “Snapchat-like” Face Filters.

Case Study: Augmented Reality Photo Booth @Illa Carlemany


The most common doubts about the Broox Platform

Yes. If you already have any of our supported hardware list you don’t need to pay for it.
Yes. 12/7 tech and customer support are available to guarantee that our solutions are properly installed and running during brand activations.
Yes. Once you pay for the solution annually you can use it to deploy many templates to activate different campaigns.
Yes. We have special prices and discounts for a large volume of licenses and template purchasing.
Yes. And we will assist for free your system integrator remotely to guarantee a satisfactory setup.

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