Interactive projections

The easiest, most affordable way to create and install interactive projection displays in your business or establishment.

Transform any surface into an engaging visual display system that projects interactive multi-media content

With simple software tools, a versatile choice of supported hardware, and amazing customer service, it’s no wonder Broox interactive projection software is the most popular choice for interactive projection installations worldwide

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Engage with your audience through playful interactions

Broox technology allows any surface to detect human interactions and respond with interactive multi-media content. It detects:

  • Hands and gestures
  • Objects
  • Overhead positions

Works with any surface

Broox interactive projection technology allows to convert any surface into a multi touch projected display

  • Floor
  • Walls
  • Tables
  • Window displays
  • Screens
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Pre-made templates or on-demand requests

Speed up your deployments using any of our available game, storytelling and product showcasing templates or request our services to develop one for you

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Broox - 3rd party technology

Plug&play with any AV software and hardware without coding

Use any camera and laptop to detect people interactions and then trigger dynamic content with any graphic software with a plug and play installation

Integrate with any third party analytics software

Connect all customer interactions with any third party analytics software to mesure the ROI of your interactive spaces.

Broox - 3rd party marketing



Make shopping fun. Create a free standing, wall-mounted or embedded-window interactive display that entertains customers, advertises your products and drives brand awareness. 


Wow visitors with a large interactive display that entertains and educates at the same time. Creatively showcase priceless artifacts with minimum risk and maximum visitor impact. 


Motion-responsive advertising captures attention in ways that static ads cannot. A growing number of advertising networks, stadiums and public space advertisers are turning to Broox technology for everything from digital signage to street front windows to experiential displays.


Convert your visitors into prospect buyers with amazing immersive experiences arround your products.

Broox support and services

Do you need a custom solution?

We have partnered with the best creative agencies, space designers and system integrators to deliver end-to-end solutions with liftetime support. From concept to deployment. If you need a team, don’t worry,  you already found one. 

Integrates with Broox platform

The hardest thing is to make something easy. We make flawless and seamless installations so
you can focus on content and forget about tech.

Track your customers interactions

Get unique insights of your object interactions and online atributions.


Update campaigns with one click

Update your products descriptions with one single click.


Monitor, deploy and update across your interactive installations

Complete control of you interactive infrastructures from our cloud platform.

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