Broox Object recognition Tables

Transform any retail display into an amazing product discovery experience

Intel Market Ready Solution

Stop showcasing your products and start creating amazing experiences arround them

Broox partnered with the best manufacturers to create the future of multitouch displays with object recognition
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Show relevant content when it matters the most

Broox technology allows multitouch tables to detect any placed object and show relevant information arround them.

  • Text and images
  • Videos
  • QR codes

Seamless integrations

Broox object recognition technology can be integrated to any surface and product

  • Available in any size and shape.
  • Available in any color.
  • Multiple fixing and pedestial configurations.
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Powered by the most advanced software

Your best in-store commercial agent is here

Show product reviews and comparisions

Broox product recognition software detects when more than one product is placed and shows nice product comparision charts and ratings.

Broox - Object Recognition 03
Broox - Object recognition 01

Display online product information at the point of purchase

Share online product information with your customers and display it arround your products.

Mobile connect

Don’t allow your customers browse for additional product information out of your store. Allow them to connect with your online channels to ensure your sales.

Broox - Object Recognition QR



Increase sales and product engagment at the point of purchase.


Create amazing experiences arround tangible objects.

Trade Fairs

Attract visitors with disruptive ways of showcasing products.


Convert your visitors into prospect buyers with amazing product experiences.

Broox support and services

Need a custom solution?

We have partnered with the best creative agencies, space designers and system integrators to deliver end-to-end solutions with liftetime support. If you need a team, don’t worry,  you already found one. 

Integrates with Broox platform

The hardest thing is to make something easy. We make flawless and seamless installations so
you can focus on content and forget about tech.

Track your product interactions

Get unique insights of your object interactions and online atributions.


Update products with one click

Update your products descriptions with one single click.


Monitor and deploy across many spaces

Update and monitor all your multitouch tables from our cloud platform.

Don't settle with the old way of retail marketing.
Are you ready for the next level?