Nike Move On + El Corte Inglés

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The Broox Solution

Nike and Método (the creative agency) wanted a viral and interactive installation based on a MUPI to play with young freestyle dance and football influencers (@alexity_world, @joancg06, @chaimaa.fs and @joan.freestyle).

We used the Broox Platform to deploy an installation with gestural interaction, automatic video recording, rendering and uploading to the cloud and dynamic QR codes generation to capture leads and promote social networking sharing.

Installation Schema

The installation runs with an Intel® NUC with and Intel® Movidius Neural Compute Stick 2 to drive all the processing in the edge. The video capturing is done by an Intel® RealSense.

The Broox Audience Analytics Suite runs under the hood to get insights of the campaign performance.

How it works?


An assistant requests the users to choose their favourite artist.


The user watches a quick instructional video of the freestyle dance.


After a countdown the users can start their own dance imitation of the influencer’s.


Once the dance has finished the user has to scan a QR code to fill a form and get the video of their performance and messages encouraging to share it to social networks.

Press & Media


The campaign insights shown are for the 2 installations (in Madrid and Barcelona) in El Corte Inglés shopping malls during 1 month.


90% Dwell time

And a huge increase on the floor traffic.


9.000 interactions

With the campaign. Interaction means at least playing with the installation.


7.000 Videos

Created automatically by the users using gesture interaction and dancing.


> 6K emails captured

Autonomously with the dynamic QR generation based on Broox Phyigital Tags.

How it was?

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