Smart Lift & Learn

Display tailored content depending on the product interactions at the point of sale: from product comparisons to videos or dynamic QR codes, the possibilities are endless.

Interactive Table

The Broox Interactive Table detects objects placed above the screen and displays any kind of information around it. It can send trigger events simultaneously to any video, sound, light and analytics system.

Digitalize any product, display, or surface to connect your brand with your customers with a memorable gaming experience. Allow users to play with each other or challenge themselves with any casual game installation.

Reactive Signage

Forget about scheduled static content, with the Broox platform you can display in-store tailored digital signage campaigns segmented by audience demographics (gender, age, mood…) and connect to online channels through dynamic QR codes. All while you get audience analytics data like traffic, opportunity to see, dwell-time, and demographics.

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