Real-time Occupancy Monitoring for Retail

Monitor and control your store occupancy with highly accurate traffic counters, interactive digital signage and advanced visitor analytics.

Monitor your foot traffic in real time with the highest accuracy in the market with our plug and play solution


People counted




Staff free

Take your store to the next level

Interactive Occupancy Control

We want all Promote social distancing saces and inform proacively your customers.

Real time traffic count

Count the number of people entering, exiting and passing by your store in real-time.

Real Time Staff Optimization

Effecively optimize your staff during peak and low traffic hours.

Compliance with COVID-19

Instantly comply with the recent covid and GDPR regulations.

Enhanced Queue experience

Dislay branded content to the visitors who have nothing to do but wait in line.

Store Conversion Rates

Benchmark your Passerby-to-sales and entry-to-sales conversion rates.

Broox - Retail Signage

Monitor Occupancy In Real Time

Get fast and precise traffic detection in crowded spaces

  • AI vision engine with high detection accuracy.
  • Use any existing IP camera or 3D sensor for extrem accuracy.
  • Detection ranges up to 10m.
  • Group and street counting.

Control All Access Automatically

Automatically trigger go-nogo signals based on monitored data and store capacity

  • Queue management with personalized messages
  • Multi Door access control system.
  • Enhanced Queue Experience with Branded content and QR codes.
  • Block / Unblock doors automatically.
Broox - Analytics

Push Real Time Notifications To Your Staff

Get real time notifications to all of your staff devices

  • Dashboard with Real time reports.
  • Alerts for personnel management.
  • Alarms for Multi Door control.

Plug and Play with your existing cameras and displays

Get started tomorrow with our easy to integrate, lower cost and high accuracy solution. We can also provide you with cameras and displays.

Track capacity with any existing security camera

Display branded content and go-nogo messages

Get a fast integration

Or advanced solutions with 3D cameras

High spec 3D sensors with the highest accuracy in the market.

Easy to install 3D cameras

Add new or use existing displays

Get the highest accuracy

Our Partners


AV Integrators since 1974. More than 10000 installations in 24 countries working with clients as Mango, Sephora and Adidas.


As part of Intel's partner network we guarantee best in class artificial intelligence technology in all our solutions.


Our backend sistems ensure best reliability and escalability using Amazon web services partner program.


Trusted 24/7 tech support partner since 1998. Official partners of Carrefour, Sephora and La Caixa.

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Let's increase your revenue together

Learn how we can help you track & manage incoming visitor traffic, allowing you to apply social distancing guidelines and concentrate on conversion rate.

Scale your business with our Broox Platform

Our platform has all the tech you need to grow your business and reducing costs substantially. We simply the tech so you can focus on what really matters.

Seamless integrations and form factors

Stop worrying about installation or scalability. We make it easy as ABC

Out-of-the-box interactive technology

Learn how thrill people through memorable and immersive kickass experiences.

Analytics tracking

Peep into your consumers’ heads to learn how they really think, act and purchase.

Campaign & installation cloud management

Create segmented campaigns by profile and interaction audiences. Manage and monitor any interactive space with few clicks.