Boost product interactions, consumer insights and brand engagement at the point of purchase

Transform any retail space into a memorable smart experience.
Boost your sales, thrill your audience and analyze consumer behaviour.
Broox - Retail first section

Create key in-store placements with memorable and immersive experiences.

Attract customers to your retail space
with a mixture of creativity and
technology that will thrill them.

  • Capture strategic brand investment while creating additional revenue streams.
  • Get 10 times more engagement.
  • Boost product interactions X3
  • Make your products stand out and drive your sales up by 30-80%.

An out of the box interactive technology

Get a flawless and seamless installation so you
can focus on content and forget about tech.

  • Transform any existing display and point of purchase into interactive experiences.
  • Reduce time and costs by 50%.
  • Get stable and scalable interactive installations.
Obtain face recognition, AI video analytics, IoT sensors and mixed reality technology from one single platform.

We will help your team integrate Broox into any space
you require. If you don’t have a team, don't worry,
you already found one.

Deploy personalized in-store campaigns at your experiential point of purchase.

Just sit, relax and push a button to update your experiential campaigns with new interactive content.
  • Integrate our cloud based manager in any platform you’re already using.
  • Sort your campaign targets by audience, product & location.
  • Create and manage any campaign at any PoP as easy as ABC.
  • A-B test your product campaigns in different locations at the same time with a couple of clicks.
Broox - Analytics

Monitor performance at any point of purchase.

Get real-time audience and product interaction
analytics. Compare campaign activity
performance over time. All in one platform. 

  • Profile customers by age, gender or, why not, their clothes.
  • Analyze and compare your product’s interactions.
  • Measure that ever-increasing engagement time.

Integrate your point of purchase anaytics in
any data center.

Stop being a store. Start being a go-to destination.

Unleash your retail space’s full potential through immersive
experiences to make it the busiest place in town.

Product recognition touch-table

Surprise consumers with surfaces that detect and display immersive content of any product placed on them.

Smart and interactive digital shelves

Trigger memorable interactive campaigns when any product is picked-up from your shelves.

Smart and interactive Window displays

Wow your customers and augment their reality through immersive experiences created specially for your window displays.

Need a custom solution?

Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll come up with an ad-hoc solution created specially for you.