Design never-before-seen spaces that wow and analyze their performance.

The Broox platform helps you transform any space
into an interactive, smart and memorable

Design digitalized spaces that thrill and engage with consumers

Transform spaces into immersive experiences that create an emotional bond with people. Use Broox to easily design:
  • Interactive showrooms
  • Immersive exhibition booths
  • Innovative point of sales (POS)
  • Interactive window displays

Ready to integrate, out of the box technology

Get a flawless and seamless implementation. Focus on spatial design and forget about tech.
  • Transform any existing support or space into an interactive and immersive experience.
  • Easily embed interactive technology in any furniture or surface.
  • Reduce implementation time and costs by up to 70%.
  • Get reliable, stable and scalable interactive installations
  • Get covered with our 24/7 tech support.

We will help your team integrate Broox into any space
you require. If you don’t have a team, don't worry,
you already found one.

Setup once, implement it a thousand times

Save hours of your time thanks to our user-friendly approach:
  • Create ever changing spaces that evolve through technology.
  • Easily adapt them to any new designs or narratives.
  • Update everything with one button.

Show to your clients how your spaces perform thanks to our innovative solutions

Get unique insights of your smart spaces. Measure ROI
at every installation, such as:

  • Space traffic and interactions.
  • Impacted people demographics by age, gender and even accesories or wearables.
  • Boosted product interactions.

Forget about science. Focus on dreaming.

From pre-made solutions to new custom ones.
We work with every environment and setup.
If it doesn’t exist yet, we create it just for you.

Interactive storytelling walls

Transform any surface into an interactive canvas to tell stories adapted to your audience, their responses and actions.

Interactive videowalls and projections

Wow your audiences with any screen or projected surface by transforming them into interactive experiences.

Reactive and smart furnitures

Create smart furniture and surfaces that can detect product pick ups or placing. Display related content and get data.

Interactive lighting systems

Implement light installations that react to people interactions and are a lot more than just a means to put them in the right way.

Need a custom solution?

Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll come
up with an ad-hoc solution created specially for