Broox brings you the software tools you need to digitalize physical spaces in one single platform.

Transform spaces into interactive, smart and
memorable experiences through one single platform.
The Broox platform.

Forget about code. Focus on integrating out of the box tech into any setup

Create interactive systems using any sensor and camera. Make any digital signage or lighting system react to people or product interactions.
  • Computer-vision triggering based on people and product detection.
  • Supports RFID, beacon and any GPIO sensor trigger.
  • Integrates with any third party digital signage and lighting software.
  • Works with Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Control any installation remotely in one single platform

Create, deploy and monitor all your installations and devices from a single cloud-based platform
  • Plug and play: Setup installations, sensors and triggers with a few clicks.
  • All at once: Monitor and manage devices and installations sorted by client and location.
  • Make smart choices: Reduce implementation and maintenance time and costs by 50%.
  • A robust technology: Get stable and scalable interactive installations.

We will help your team integrate Broox into any space
you require. If you don’t have a team, don't worry,
you already found one.

Always up-to-date with our cloud campaign management tool

Just sit back and push a button to update your experiential installations with new interactive content any time you need it.
  • Integrate it in any HTML5 based software, as well as videos and images.
  • Use sensors and camera triggers to create campaign audiences focused on people segmentation, product interaction, location or static applications.
  • Use sensor activated campaigns to trigger real time adhoc content.
  • Create A/B testing campaings.

Monitor how your installations perform

Get unique insights from all your instalations and campaigns. Collect ROI data at every installation:
  • Get people interactions (both unique and total) and traffic per campaign.
  • Obtain and sort people demographics by age, gender and accesories.
  • Analyze product interaction at every point of purchase.
  • Integrate data analytics to any third party data center, like Google analytics or Salesforce. Get true omnichannel funnels.

Technology is all about solving problems.
Let us tell you how we do it.

From pre-made solutions to new custom ones.
We work with every environment and setup.
If it doesn’t exist yet, we create it just for you.

Interactive and smart window displays

Analyze how much attention your window displays get. Compare conversion data by tracking passersby, returning leads and actual clients.

Interactive, reactive and smart signage

Send any sensor command to any third party digital signage CMS to create and display interactive content. Use computer vision tools to trigger what content is shown to the audience.

Interactive Lighting

Sent trigger events to any light system as DALI or Madrix to make lights react to interactions and become much more than a lighting system.

Need a custom solution?

Just tell us what you have in mind and we’ll come up with an ad-hoc solution created specially for you.