Broox Self-Ordering Kiosk

Do you still have customers queuing up? Optimize your pickup shop with user-friendly order terminals that match your design

Broox partnered with the best manufacturers to shape the next generation of self-ordering kiosks

Now your customers can breeze through your restaurant line faster, feeling more satisfied and spending more than usual. Meanwhile, you’re saving on labor costs and improving same-store revenue right along with your customer experience. Sound amazing? That’s the power of Broox Self-Ordering Kiosks for hospitality and stores.

Broox - Kiosk Amorino 04

Superior design and finishes

Made with high quality components:

  • High resistance steel chassis
  • Ultra durable and precise 24/7 touchscreen
  • High quality thermal printing
  • Adapts to any payment terminal


Broox self-order kiosk adapts to any space
  • Available in mulptiple sizes and shapes.
  • Available in any color.
  • Multiple fixing and pedestial configurations.
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Your best in-store commercial

Increase average check size with our built in recomendation engine that automatically learn and displays real time best product suggestions.

Broox - Kiosk Amorino 02
Broox - Kiosk Amorino

Optimized path to purchase

From product selection to purchase in just three simple taps.

Click & Collect checkout

Pre order with your mobile and check out with your kiosk without touching the screen.

Broox - Online purchase Amorino

Integrate and customize

Printing systems

Integrates with any store network printers.


Easily adapt the interface to you brand design.

Daily cash closing

Export and integrate kiosk sales with your sales software.

Update remotelly

Update products and prices remotelly with just few clicks.

Integrates with Broox platform

The hardest thing is to make something easy. We make flawless and seamless installations so
you can focus on sells and forget about tech.


Track all your Kiosks performance

Get unique insights of your kiosk sales and product views.


Update products with one click

Update your products and prices with one single click.


Monitor and deploy across many stores

Update and monitor all your kiosk from our cloud platform.

Don't settle with the old way of selling products.
Are you ready for the next level?