AI-Analytics & Interactivity for DOOH

Audience measurement & Interactivity for digital signage 

Maximize digital signage networks Success: Broox Platform Enhances any Digital Signage CMS with Targeted Marketing, Personalized Experiences, and Data-Driven Insights.


Integrate audience analytics and interactivity in days, not months.

Plug any camera or sensor to easily trigger never-seen-before audience and interaction analytics on any digital signage CMS with a no-code platform backed by Intel®.


Analytics and Interactivity-Driven Event solutions effortlessly 10x Faster.


Reliable solutions at scale effortlessly with a few clicks.


Audience behavior with customizable dashboards for insights.


Installations with Edge Device Tracking and Real-Time Alarms.


Plug, play and trigger.

Demographics and Emotions

Get pre-trained AI vision detectors with 99% accuracy for age, gender, ethnicity, and emotions, using facial analysis to guide targeted content in digital signage.

Pose and Action Recognition

Examines body movements to recognize actions and postures, delivering insights for gesture-based interactions and personalized content on digital signage.

Object Detection

Identify objects in real-time, offering insights for context-aware content and interactive experiences in digital signage applications.

IoT Sensors

Track sensor data to detect environmental or user triggers, enabling adaptive, context-aware content in digital signage applications.


Unlimited Compatibility.

Digital signage CMS

Broox's suite integrates with any digital signage software via API, allowing triggering event-based content and collecting campaign insights in real-time.

Demand-side platforms (DSP)

Broox's suite integrates with any ad DSP via API, enabling real-time audience targeting and optimization, and providing critical insights for campaign performance.


Broox's suite is designed to work with any type of camera, including IP cameras, webcams, and advanced AI or depth cameras.


Broox's suite seamlessly integrates with hundreds of IoT sensors, enabling efficient implementation of sensor technology in digital signage.

Low-End CPU's

Broox's suite runs on low to mid-end CPUs and major operating systems, allowing businesses to leverage AI vision on existing infrastructure without extra costs.

Data Management

Privacy-first. GDPR compliant.

Anonymity by Design

Broox's suite analyzes environmental data while prioritizing user privacy by avoiding collection or storage of personally identifiable information or images.

Real-time Processing at the Edge

We perform demographic profiling directly on edge devices in real-time, which eliminates the need to store or transmit any images or personal data to the cloud.

Privacy as a Default Setting

Our platform is designed to protect user anonymity by default, requiring no additional action from users or customers.

Data Minimization

We collect only the necessary data for demographic profiling and audience analytics, ensuring no sensitive or personal information is retained.


Flexible and Modular. Easy Integration.

Optimize computer vision and sensor-based solutions’ lifecycle with
a unified platform.

Accurate Insights

Audience and interactions

Analyze audience behavior and engagement in real-time for targeted content.

Campaign Analytics

Track key metrics to optimize campaigns, measure ad impact, and drive results.

Dashboards and Integrations

Use customizable dashboards or integrate with existing systems for a complete performance view.

Engagement boost

Event-based content

Enhance viewer engagement by delivering dynamic content triggered by audience profiles.

Interactive Content

Boost ad effectiveness by inviting users to actively participate, creating memorable experiences.

Low-code JS libraries

Easily integrate computer vision and sensors in HTML5 apps for enhanced interactivity.

No-code Apps

Plug and play

Accelerate your development with pre-built detector instances that deliver powerful results.

Modular integration

Craft tailored computer vision apps easily with a flexible modular system.

Hardware and software agnostic

Work across multiple devices, operating systems, or software environments no modification.

Edge release

Device management

Effortlessly manage all devices by locations on a cloud platform.

Automated deployment

Boost scalability using automated deployment across multiple environments.

Large rollout

Safely enroll and manage your device fleet without the need for coding or manual installation.

Ensure reliability

Continuous Deployment

Effortlessly maintain and deliver applications at scale with a fast and agile development strategy.

Automated diagnostic

Detect and address issues quickly and efficiently with automated health scans.

Real-time notifications

Stay informed with real-time device monitoring and receive instant alerts when issues arise.

Simply Easy

User-friendly Interface

Intuitive interface with plug-and-play components for quick, complex solution building.

Pre-trained detectors and Customization

A variety of pre-trained models for common tasks, with options for advanced customizations.

Seamless Deployment and Integration

Deploy solutions at a scale with few clicks.

Fast Integrations

Cloud API

Integrate cloud services seamlessly with powerful APIs for valuable deployment insights.

Real-time events API

Enable interactive DOOH ads with an edge API for real-time event processing.

JS library

Easily integrate real-time events into HTML5 apps with a user-friendly JS library.


Engage, analyze.
Maximize impact.

Boost digital signage software using our analytics & interactivity platform for valuable insights, enhanced engagement, and actionable results. Easily integrate advanced features for market uniqueness and success.

Enhanced Engagement

  • Real-time viewer interaction
  • Enhanced attention retention
  • Dynamic content

Optimized Ads

  • Real-time ad optimization
  • Efficient budget use
  • Ad effectiveness evaluation

Targeted content

  • Personalized content
  • Effective communication
  • Audience-preference-driven strategy

Operational Efficiency

  • Automated content management
  • AI-driven planning/scheduling
  • Reduced manual effort

In-depth Analytics       

  • Detailed demographic data
  • Enhanced audience understanding
  • Data-driven decision making

Improved Experience

  • Personalized interactions
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Enriched experiences

Endless possibilities.
Limitless Applications.

Our platform offers limitless applications for optimizing digital signage, enhancing engagement, and gathering audience insights. From the path of purchase to the point of purchase, we measure and optimize shopper engagement.


Audience-driven advertisement and Analytics

Convert viewers to buyers with tailored DOOH ads, driving brand growth and boosting sales.


Interactive product experiences and Analytics

Boosts engagement, drives sales, offers insights, elevates satisfaction, and refines strategy.


Phytigtal experiences for offline activations

Merge real & virtual, amplify brand presence, foster interaction, and elevate the consumer experience.

Looking for a custom AI solution integrating analytics and interactivity?

Join forces with us to overcome challenges, boost your company goals,
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    Integrators Benefits

    Not another option.

    With Intel’s support we have developed the most advanced AI Vision platform, specifically designed to solve critical pain points in the digital ecosystem.

    Build faster

    Create and deploy 10X faster than any other solution.

    Build faster     

    Create and deploy 10X faster than any other solution.

    Customize seamlessly  

    Integrate third party systems.

    Customize seamlessly

    Integrate third party systems.

    Cut costs

    Reduce costs more than 50% compared to other solutions.

    Cut costs

    Reduce costs more than 50% compared to other solutions.


    Integrate third-party

    In-House technology           

    Integrate third-party systems.

    Rapidly scale

    Get scheduled reports in your inbox.     

    Rapidly scale  

    Get scheduled reports in your inbox.

    Rapidly scale

    Get scheduled reports in your inbox.

    Dedicated Support

    Get direct support from our engineers.

    Trusted by leading brands.

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    Let’s start building
    something together.

    Just give us a couple of details, and we’ll get right on it.

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